Helping Naked dogs get dressed!

Back in 2014 I raised a puppy named Duffy for a guide dog organization. Through the organization our dogs were required to wear a metal bar buckle style collar. It was so hard to find a pattern that I liked, because there just weren't that many. I had been making bandannas for fun for our dogs so I figured I could make my own collars too. I started making them and then all of sudden all of my friends wanted one too. I figured I might as well make it official and start an Etsy shop. By day I work in finance for a college. The collar business is purely for fun. I try my best to keep my prices low because I started this business making collars for volunteer puppy raisers like myself. A volunteer puppy raiser raises a puppy from 8 weeks-16 months and they do it all for free. Most of the time food, toys and even vet bills are covered by the puppy raiser. As puppy raising is a huge passion of mine I try my best to make these adorable collars affordable for everyone.